Let Us Be Saints!
I will have to travel back in time a bit to fill you in on the rest of my travels...Our second big Spring Break trip was a beautiful jaunt in the Emerald Isle.  It was incredible to experience another part of my heritage...the 25% of me that is Fitzgerald!  We flew to Dublin on the East coast of Ireland and three hours later were on the opposite coast in the seaside college town of Galway.  We loved everything about this place...the cuisine (brown bread is my favorite), the live music (Riverdance in a pub one night was a treat), and speaking the language.  We took a fabulous day trip to Inishmore, the largest (about 8 by 4 miles large) of the three Aran Islands, off the coast of Galway.  Here Irish Gaelic is still spoken, stone fences are plentiful, and the mail only comes once a week.  The naked beauty of the cliffs took my breath away...there was nothing holding us back from the crashing waves below.  And standing at the waterfront at one point, watching the lobster fishermen out at sea, we were told that this was the last point of land until Boston!  We even saw a colony of seals, and plenty of sheep and cows!  In Dublin we got the chance to visit the famous Book of Kells at Trinity College and to see John Henry Newman's university church.  There were beautiful gardens and lots of large colorful doors in this historic city.  The people that we met in Ireland, including a young lady from Grand Forks who happened to get the other bed in our hostel, will forever stay in our hearts and prayers!  God is good! 

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